The Sitting Epidemic in San Diego CA

The Sitting Epidemic in San Diego CA

The Sitting Epidemic in San Diego CA

Do you have lower back discomfort in San Diego CA? Long-term sitting causes lower back discomfort. Most employees sit at a desk all day and cannot walk about. Our chiropractors in San Diego CA have frequently advised people who sit for lengthy periods of time to get up and exercise.

The American Medical Association recently acknowledged the sitting issue and provide solutions for staff. They recently encouraged firms to provide alternatives for employees to avoid lower back strain from sitting.


Sitting for lengthy periods of time has led to various obesity and health issues. The average individual spends too much time sitting. You're usually sitting when you eat, work, play a video game, drive, or browse the internet.

Employees with a BMI above 40 submitted twice as many workers' compensation claims, according to Duke University. They also missed work 13 times more than the ordinary worker without obesity, and their medical expenses were 7% greater than those with a lower BMI.


The American Heart Association is advocating a new gadget that prevents long-term sitting. Fran Melmed designed a software named Hotseat. With this app, you may sync your phone to your work schedule. With the app, the user may schedule 2-minute breaks throughout the day.

The treadmill desk is another great tool for reducing back discomfort. The treadmill desk is part of the employee's workstation since they can work while exercising. Take walks after meals and park further away from the office entrance to reduce the risk of lower back discomfort.

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